CGIS – Elasto-Valve Rubber Products

Elasto-Valve Rubber Products is one of the worlds largest and most experienced manufacturers of standardized and custom made rubber based expansion joints, pinch valves and check valves, duct and pump connectors as well as pressure sensors and other engineered elastomeric piping products. Founded in Sudbury in 1984, evr products is known for its innovation and engineering savvy.

CGIS offers an assortment of the aforementioned products plus other cool stuff like the Equilibar vacuum regulator and the Danfoss EVR-GX1 high efficiency compressor.

The EVR-GX1 is a high efficiency, low maintenance, energy saving, regenerative cooling compressor that boasts an impressive list of industry leading features including a patented rotor/drum design which allows for maximum efficiency in a compact and lightweight package. The aforementioned compressor is designed to work with most if not all of the most common fluorinated refrigerants, and is certified for operation in a variety of temperatures and airflows.

The EVR-GX1 is an excellent choice for air conditioning, heat pump and refrigeration applications as well as a host of industrial and telecommunications applications. A full line of specialized servo motors, valves, controls and other accessories are also available for your needs.